Digital TV
Hospitality Leaders

Summit Broadband has serviced the Florida hospitality industry for more than 17 years. We offer more high definition (HD) channels than any other service provider in the industry. Our HD picture quality is the best in the country because we deliver a fully uncompressed video signal directly to your HD television, resulting in a vivid, jaw dropping clarity second to none.

If you’re unsure of your needs, a skilled and experienced Summit Broadband Account Executive will work with you to select a channel lineup meeting or exceeding your hotel flag requirements, staying below budget and satisfying your guests. Summit Broadband offers a variety of programming in analog or digital, including premium channels such as HBO, Showtime and CineMax.

Summit Broadband delivers high quality in analog, digital or IPTV. Whatever format you require, we deliver the best free-to-guest experience.

Let one of our Account Executives design a package meeting your business needs. Check out the Support page to contact your local representative.

See the Difference
A high definition picture is superior to its standard definition (SD) counterparts. HD pictures have a much higher resolution than SD creating an image with six times more detail. By providing uncompressed video, the detail is not downgraded due to image compression during the delivery process. You receive stunning visuals providing the most immersive HD experience available as a result of the unique transportation process.
100's of HD Channels
Summit Broadband offers you 100’s of HD networks to choose from. Everyone's favorite shows are clearer than ever.
All Your Favorite Sports in HD
Suit up and jump into an all-inclusive lineup of everyone's favorite sporting events and networks.
Premium HD Movies
All the movies and series from the renowned networks that everyone loves.
We have the ability to customize lineups to fit your business needs.
Superior Quality
With fully uncompressed HD video, Summit Broadband offers superior video quality like you won't believe.
Dedicated Support
A dedicated Account Executive there for you when you need them most, no matter the situation.
With a HDTV and Summit Broadband’s HD signal, the difference is clear. With enhanced color, sound, clarity, and resolution, uncompressed high definition from Summit Broadband is among the best quality service available.