High Speed Internet
Internet Unplugged

Home Networking from Summit Broadband allows you to take the Internet anywhere in your home. A wireless network enables the entire family to connect without constraints by cords or wires.

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Get Connected.

We make it easy and affordable for you to have a personal, wireless home network. Technicians specializing in at-home wireless networks will set up your network and configure your settings. We also have a dedicated support team available 24/7 to answer all your questions.

*network setup only for devices purchased from Summit Broadband. basic settings only

Pure Entertainment

Wireless means anywhere, anytime. Feel free to bring your recipe into the kitchen or watch a game while grilling out back. You never have to miss a moment of the action with Summit Broadband’s wireless network.

We don’t restrict the number of devices or the amount of bandwidth you use on your home network. Everyone in the family can use the network simultaneously and still enjoy superior speeds.