Welcome to the Fast Lane

We blow by our competitors with speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. The dedicated and reliable connection to our fiber network keeps you from suffering during uploads and downloads. Upgrade to our high speed connection and see what you have been missing.

Fiber is Better

Summit Broadband services ride over a state-of-the-art fiber optic network instead of copper wires. A fiber optic network uses tubes transmitting light, the fastest moving entity, to carry signals to its destination.

Fiber optics is more reliable and secure than copper wires. It does not transmit a frequency, but sends data through light allowing for more precision and control. When the fiber is insulated, it is impossible to penetrate remotely, therefore intentional and accidental intrusions are preventable.

Limitless Power
There are no limitations on the amount of bandwidth you can consume.

No Contract
No contract means you aren’t committed long term, nor do you suffer penalties if relocating.

Consistently Active
The Internet connection is always active, allowing you to browse the net while talking on the phone.”

With one of our wireless routers you can connect all the devices in your home.