Digital Phone
More than a Phone

Security, reliability and peace of mind are ensured with home phone services. You won’t chance running out of battery and your mind will be at ease knowing you always have a secure connection at your fingertips.

Reliable service
Don’t fret over spotty coverage, bad reception or dropped calls. Our phone service offers reliable and worry-free coverage.

Safety is key.
E911 makes the difference. Home phone services from Summit Broadband comes with E911, which allows emergency services to instantly see your name, number and address when you call. Though this may only save a few seconds, those seconds could mean life or death in a real emergency.

Save Money
Stop paying ridiculous fees for unlimited and long distance calling with your cell phone provider. You can save money with a Summit Broadband unlimited home phone plan.

Get Listed
Listing your phone number or keeping it from public view is your choice. Summit Broadband can easily add your phone number to local online and traditional phone directories if you wish.

No battery Dependency
A digital home phone service from Summit Broadband ensures you can talk as long as you wish without worrying about your phone battery dying.

Imagining Phone Differently

We do things differently. Our all-digital phone service gives you unlimited local and long distance calling for a flat rate. There are no restrictions on when you can call and no outrageous long distance charges.

Choose from a variety of plans and packages to fit your needs. You can choose unlimited local calling, long distance minutes or unlimited long distance.

Call whoever you want, whenever you want, for as long as you want, without worrying about additional fees.