Digital Phone
Phone Features:

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Call Waiting
Receive an incoming call while on the phone with another caller.
Caller ID
See the name and phone number of an incoming call before answering the phone.
Three Way Calling
Use your phone line to set up a three-way conference call.”
Forwards calls to an external mailbox when you are unable to answer the phone.
Call Block
Prevent the last caller from calling back.
Call Forwarding
Automatically direct incoming calls to a pre-determined phone number. Calls can be forwarded to another location, voicemail, or cell phones.
Remote Access to Call Forwarding
Forward your calls to another number when you are not at your residence; includes traditional call forwarding from your residence (see Call forwarding).
Caller ID with Call Waiting
See who is calling you while you are on the line with someone else. Your call waiting must have the caller ID feature enabled and a compatible unit in order for this feature to work.
Automatic Recall
Call back your most recent incoming call, whether you answered or not.
Toll Block*
Toll blocks prevent your line from being able to make any toll generating calls, ensuring you don’t acquire additional charges.
Non Published Listing*
Ensures your telephone number will not be provided to any directory publisher, nor will it be given out by the directory assistance. For your security, your number is always given to all 911 and E911 emergency services.
*may carry an additional charge.