Sun Outages – What You Need to Know

9/29/2017 – 5:00 PM

Twice a year, during the Spring and Fall, you may experience some degree of television interference due to a natural phenomenon known as “sun outages.”

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Hurricane Irma Updates

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Orlando Strong Tribute

9/27/2016 – 12:00 PM

Most of you know Darwin Brascomb as part of Central Florida’s community launch/support team. What you probably don’t know is that Darwin is also a very gifted musician. You don’t know this about him because he is very humble and would never boast or brag.

When Orlando was forever changed by the events of June 12th, like many of us, Darwin began asking himself what he could do to help. His answer came through music. Darwin wrote a song honoring the victims and the City Beautiful. He then brought a group of musicians together to record the song and create the video. Darwin has given me permission to share this video with all of you. Please click here to view. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us, Darwin!

Helping the Orlando Community in the Wake of Tragedy

7/15/2016 – 12:00 PM

In the early morning of June 12th, the Orlando community was shaken to the core by a mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub. We are grateful to report that none of our staff were victims of this horrendous act. However, as the dust settles, many are hearing the news of friends and acquaintances who are among the dead and seriously injured. Those of us who didn’t know any of the victims are still changed, as we don’t expect things like this to happen in our community. As the healing begins, please remember that Summit Broadband is your family and we want to make sure we provide any help, support or assistance you may need. For many of us, Orlando is our home. It is the place where we were raised, learned to drive, graduated high school, got married, raised our children, went to college, entered the workforce for the first time.

The entrepreneurial spirit in this city has allowed us all the opportunity to work for a great company like Summit Broadband.

The City Beautiful will not be defined by a few hours of senseless violence but rather by how our community responded; people waiting in line up to seven hours to donate blood only to be turned away because the blood banks were out of supplies, while others assisted those in line by bringing them food, water, umbrellas and sunscreen. Our staff was outstanding in the aftermath as well. Many donated blood and plasma and together we contributed $1,350 to the OneOrlando Fund with donations coming from Central and Southwest regions, as well as a company match. This fund was established by Mayor Buddy Dyer as a way to get financial assistance to families directly impacted. While it is impossible to make sense of this, the city of Orlando and the Summit Broadband family will rally together and although we will move forward, we will never forget.