Carrier and Wholesale


Summit Broadband has been building and operating complex fiber optic solutions for more than 20 years. Let us design and build networks that meet your needs. Our Carrier and Wholesale team designs, constructs, and delivers fiber optic network solutions that meet business and technical requirements. Whether dark or LIT, our team will work with you to analyze your needs and deliver a customized network that fulfills your objectives.










Summit Broadband Ethernet services present an Ethernet interface to customers, simplifying the LAN/WAN boundary for our customers, enabling rapid and flexible service provisioning. Summit Broadband Ethernet Services are ideal for connecting multi-site offices, simplifying LAN to LAN connectivity and can be implemented with QoS. A total wide area network (WAN) solution designed for easy service activation of pass-thru priority traffic. This service is delivered via Ethernet over fiber with either an electrical or optical hand off.



  • Metro, Intercity
  • Speeds from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps
  • Network to Network Interconnection
  • Scalable NNIs and Tails
  • Rapid Provisioning
  • Upgrades guaranteed within 24 hours



Summit Broadband offers QOS prioritization and fast provisioning.



International Services



Summit Broadband and its parent company, Cable Bahamas, offer a one stop shop for carrier services to and from the Bahamas.



  • Bahamas Voice Termination
  • Miami NAP to Globenet
  • Private Line
  • Miami NAP to Nassau, Bahamas



IP Services



Summit Broadband acts as a gateway to Florida by building strong peering relationships throughout the state.




IP Transit


  • DIAs (Dedicated Internet Access)
  • Public and Private peering





Summit Broadband operates a network capable of speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps of bandwidth.
We support standard topologies with options for QoS and route protection, both metro and intercity.


  • Point to Point
  • Point to Multipoint
  • Multipoint to Multipoint


Mobile Backhaul



Coverage throughout Central and Southwest Florida.
Summit Broadband designs its networks with carriers’ needs in mind. We offer heavy geographic coverage throughout key Florida markets.
Our metro footprint provides comprehensive market coverage with most locations on-net or near-net.



  • Ethernet and Dark Fiber
  • 100% Fiber
  • Scalable
  • Quick time to market


DARK Fiber Solutions



Dark Fiber services provide fiber-optic connectivity an enterprise or carrier can fully manage in house. It is infinitely scalable to the client’s needs as defined by the equipment they choose to install. It can be built from two fiber strands to multiple strands on any one segment. Summit
Broadband’s fiber hand off is Single Mode (SMF) and can be at a Summit Broadband installed fiber panel or tail in a hand hole.

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  • We do the heavy lifting
  • More than 20 years of building fiber in Florida
  • Dedicated Private Network
  • Metro and Intercity
  • Control your own network





Summit Broadband offers one of the most robust Sonet solutions in Florida


  • T1 to OC192
  • Point to Point and Ring
  • Concatenated or Channelized
  • 99.999% Carrier Grade Network


Summit Broadband can connect your network hubs as well as to LEC, DATA centers, or Enterprises with our protected fiber technology.






Summit Broadband offers single or multiple wave multiplexing, ensuring that you have constant access to blistering fast and ultra reliable speeds.





  • 10, 40 and 10 Gbps
  • High Performance SLAs
  • Scalable
  • Single or Multiple Waves
  • Customized Network Design